Business segments

1.       Market Development
According to market project information and focusing on tracking the dynamic of customer, ready to provide a full range of communication and service. Through a variety of cooperation, combined with business and the company's future development goals and the demand for invest construction, targeted to develop and promote a win-win strategy for development.
?Understand the market fully, develop and implement marketing plans;
?Provide a detailed written inspection report for New business development,and provide pre-market basis for the company;
?Communicate with company research, design and engineering departments actively and feedback the market research direction and the direction of the potential customer needs timely, then to develop new products or services to meet market needs.
?Respond to the completed projects with service work,coordinate treatment works、equipment problems,and assist the research,design departments to improve their design and product features.
2.      Design
Undertake a variety of glass melting furnace production line,forming,annealing,cold end,glass processing,coating,energy conservation,water supply and drainage,electrical,HVAC,and other professional design and site services.Strive to learn advanced scientific and technological achievements,and update the design concept constantly,and always adhere to continuously improve the design quality and design standards,dedicate to improving the user more quality and efficient services.
3.      Research Center
Mainly develop new products of special float glass, float glass special study of new technology / new technology research、coated glass product development, coated glass production technology research, special float glass deep processing of research work ,carry out energy-reduction furnace consumption of technology research, low temperature desulfurization / denitration integrated research and other technical work, carry out special float glass quality control and defect diagnosis technology research.
4.      Testing Center
Possess plasma emission spectrometer, X ray fluorescence spectrometer, high temperature viscometer, the thermal expansion coefficient tester, softening point tester strain point / annealing point tester, universal testing machines, micro hardness tester, stress tester, sub-photometer, polarized microscopes and other detection equipment, provide testing and analysis.
5.      Proiect engineering
Hire the EPC engineering of domestic and abroad glass production line and deep-processing production line.According to the contract, the organization and management commitment to the project design, procurement, construction, commissioning, assessment and acceptance of the whole process of the project, quality and project contracting, safety, schedule, cost overall responsibility.
provide and organize the professional installation team, with a strong professional staff of experts,implement on-site specialized construction and installation, and provide supervision and guidance 、project supervision to the demand side’s independent works.
Through the production line equipment and systems’ stand-alone and linkage test, complete all of the lines’ debugging, and provide three hot start thermal equipment services, raised from furnace kiln and bake kiln, tin bath baking , annealing kiln temperature, the implementation of production and overall production process reach to the standards after the trial production.
6.      Integrated Management Department
Declaration of technology innovation management system, technology management, state and local levels of research and development projects, apply for special funds. Declaration of national patent applications, intellectual property management, scientific and technological achievements, records and management of engineering design data, technology forward-looking and development trend forecasting and research development-oriented evaluation.
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