AVIC GLASS - AVIC (Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AVIC Sanxin Co., Ltd. and is one of the largest listed enterprises of Aviation Industry Corporation in China. The acronym "AVIC" is a state-owned company and is ranked as 253th among the newly published Top Fortune 500 Enterprises. AVIC GLASS is located in Laocheng Economic Development Zone in Hainan Province and has three (3) owned silica mining resources, locally supplying the best quality glass raw materials for AVIC GLASS's uses. With the co-operation of PPG Industries, USA, the company has established a very high standard basis for glass research and production: Four (4) furnaces of 600 ton capacity each provide clean, energy-efficient and environmental friendly glass products for the various applications. Two of the float lines are equipped CVD systems as well as waste heat recovery systems with power re-generation. One of the lines uses "state of the art full oxygen enhanced combustion technology" and one other line specializes in manufacturing the special high Al-Si aviation glass and Low iron glass. The main glass products are Ultrathin Glass、Tinted Glass、Low Iron Glass、On-Line Low-E or Solar Control Low-E Glass、On-Line Clear or Ultra Clear TCO Glass、Aviation Glass、High Speed Railway Glass、TV & Computer Screens Glass as well as various other specialty glasses which are used in a variety of different industries, such as architectural engineering、electronic industry、aircraft industry、automotive industry、solar industry、furniture industry、electronic appliances and interior or exterior decorations etc.
AVIC GLASS has been authorized to use PPG technology to produce various glass that meets PPG Industries, high quality and performance standards.  

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